The NHS is committed to reaching net zero by 2040 for emissions that can be control directly and by 2045 for emissions that the NHS can influence through the procurement of good and services. The NHS supplier roadmap provides key dates for suppliers to reach specific actions as part of their carbon reduction and social value plans.
From April 2022 : All NHS procurements include a minimum 10% net zero and social value weighting. The Net zero and social value guidance for NHS procurement teams helps to unlock health- specific outcomes (building on  PPN 06/20). Net Zero and Social Value will be applied via the Evergreen assessment for NHS England Medicines tenders.
From April 2023 : For all new contracts above £5 million per annum, the NHS requires suppliers to publish a Carbon Reduction Plan for their UK  Scope 1 and 2 emissions and a subset of scope 3 emissions as a minimum (aligning with PPN 06/21). The Carbon reduction plan and net zero commitment requirements for the procurement of NHS goods, services and works guidance outlines
what is required from suppliers and how it should be implemented.
From April 2024: The NHS will proportionately extend the Carbon Reduction Plan requirements to cover all new procurements.
From April 2027: All suppliers will be required to publicly report targets, emissions and publish a Carbon Reduction Plan for global emissions aligned to the NHS net zero target, for all of their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
From April 2028: New requirements will be introduced overseeing the provision of carbon footprinting for individual products supplied to the NHS. The NHS will work with suppliers and regulators to determine the scope and methodology.
​For organisations supplying goods, services, and work to the NHS, the new
Carbon Reduction Plan means they will need to meet certain carbon
reduction standards to be considered for procurement contracts. These
standards include disclosing their carbon emissions, setting targets for
reducing them, and providing a plan for achieving those targets.
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